Experiences in Thailand on Our Mission

After the Flooding, Huge Humanitarian Effort

After the Flooding, Huge Humanitarian Effort
In Front of The New Chapel in Bangkok

In the Chapel putting Relief Bags together

In the Chapel putting Relief Bags together

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

The past few weeks we have been working with less active families and talking to as many relatives as possible. It has been good and we will pray for the best. Our first couple's mission will be coming to an end soon. We hope to continue to serve as when we go home. We are coming home July 15, 2009 arriving in the Salt Lake International Airport at 9:15 PM. We will be speaking in two weeks. Stay posted for directions to the church!

We love you and we will see you soon!


Elder and Sister Seangsuwan

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 16, 2009

Dear Families and Friends!

Time has definitely gone fast for us! We have not had internet access for over 3 months now! Sorry for the delay in updating our blog, but rest assured, we have been working hard and have many great spiritual experiences. We were in Buriram for 7 months and we loved it every minute of it. We have now been transferred to our last area, Bangkok, where we can now talk to may friends and relatives about the gospel as well.

But before we get into that, we would like to share a few experiences and blessings we received while serving in the Buriram Branch. During our time there, Sister Seangsuwan and I had the opportunity to teach many people. We were able to see three people walk into the waters of baptism and become members of the Church.

One of the new members was Brother Pituput. He was a 22 years old young man and loved to read the Bible. He had been reading since he was 16 years old. We met him in the streets one day when we were handing out pamphlets and inviting people to come learn English during our service on Wednesdays. He also had a girlfriend name Sister Pranom.

Sister Pranom was 19 years old. She came up to Sister Seangsuwan and asked her about the gospel. After a few messages about our Savior and the Plan of Salvation, she asked us she and her boyfriend could come to church. We advised her where the meetings took place and also made an appointment to visit with them the following week. After our first visit, they were interested in hearing more about the Plan of Salvation and other lessons that we had. After teaching them for 3 months and bringing them to Church, they asked if they could be baptized. After much praying and assistance from the Branch Members, Brother Pituput and Sister Pranom were baptized on March 22, 2009. It was such a wonderful blessing for us and a great feeling.

Another great experience we had was actually on our Preparation Day. Sister Seangsuwaan and I needed to go to the hair salon to get a haircut. After we did that, we decided to walk around towards the shops to look around. Sister Seangsuwan loves to shop! As we were walking out of the hair salon, we noticed a nice lady and her little son walking in to get a haircut as well. He was so cute! We smiled at them and walked out to look at the store nearby. As we left, we walked out again and saw the same person and her son. This time, she smiled at us both and said to us, “May the Lord bless you both.” Sister Seangsuwan stopped and looked at me in amazement. She must be Christian we thought. As we continued on, Sister Seangsuwan said to me that she had a very strong feeling that we need to go back and talk to her. We looked back, but didn’t see her. We went back and asked a person in the hair salon if they had seen a lady. They said they had and told us that she lived just around the corner. He asked why and we started to talk to him about the Gospel. After we noticed he had no interest in hearing more, we decided to go and find her. We went to her home and she wasn’t there. I told Sister Seangsuwan that we would come back another day, but she insisted that we stay and look for her. As we went back around the corner, we noticed her son standing in front of a nother shop. We went over to him and looked for his mom. Sister Seangsuwan had a strong feeling that the this lady may have been someone the Lord had prepared to hear the Gospel and she wasn’t’ going to give up. We found her and asked her if we could share a message with her and her family. She agreed and invited us over to her home.

When we arrived at her place, we found out that she had been a Protestant for over 10 years. We asked her if she had ever seen two young missionaries in white shirts and ties, and she said that she had. We told her that we were like them and that we taught others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her name was Sister Siri-aksorn. She had two children, 4 and 2 years old. Her husband has been teacher at the Technical College for many years. We talked to her more about the gospel and about families in the Plan of Salvation. As we bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and the importance of living prophets, she gained more interest. We told her that we had a living Prophet today that leads and guides us. She asked many questions about that. We also bore testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and what role the Holy Ghost plays in our lives. A lot of what we taught her was new to her even though she had been a Protestant for 10 years. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and highlighted some scriptures to read and asked if we could come back. She said okay and we made an appointment for the next day. We were able to visit and teach her and her family twice a week. She seem so exited and so faithful to search and study the scriptures on her own. We learned soon that she loved to read from the Book of Mormon. After several months of teaching her and her family, she agreed to be baptized. She had received a witness and gained a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. She was truly prepared for us to teach her. On May 24, 2009 Sister Siri-aksorn was baptized. We moved to Bangkok on May 26.

We have been given permission to visit all the wards and branches in Bangkok and Nonthaburi. Our plans is to visit people, friends and family to teach them the gospel before we go home on July 15th. Wherever those family and friends would be, our goal would be to would bring them to Church and ask the young missionaries to follow up with them when we have to go home. We have been visiting four families so far, and also our own families here in Bangkok. We hope and pray that we can bring our own families to the truthfulness of the Gospel.

Bangkok is the city of traffic. It can take us a few hours to visit one family and all day to work with them. But we know how important it is to have them to listen to the Plan of Salvation. We have also been able to gather up more information for our family history work. Our goals are to visit 10 families in the last 45 days.

Brothers and Sisters, we love this work so much and have had such a great time sharing the Gospel and being an instrument in the Lord’s hands. We have see miracles and received so many blessings. Our testimonies have grown as well as our desire to continue serving.
It is so wonderful to serve our mission in Thailand where we know the language and culture well. We will see you soon. If we have time, we will try and post one last message and tell you of the great things the Lord is doing here in Thailand.

Love you all!

Elder and Sister Seangsuwan
Thailand Bangkok Mission

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters!

It is the New Year now, 2009 and our goals are the same with the whole church:

To Teach the Gospel to the World

Strengthen the Membership of the Church wherever they may be

To Move Forward the Work of Salvation for the Dead

We have nine people we are currently teaching the plan of salvation. Our golden contacts are: Brother Tick, 27 years old, and his girlfriend, sister Orm. She is about 25 years old. We met her first at the market and asked her to come to church with us. She came and brought brother Tick with her. We have been teaching this couple for three weeks now and have been inviting them to attend Sunday meetings with us. So far, they have accepted our invitations. Brother Tick has set his date to be baptized on the first of March and sister Orm would be after him a couple weeks thereafter.

We also met sister Nong, 32 years old. When we met her, we found out that she has been seeking for the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ for a year and has gone to meetings with other Christian churches. Since we have been able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation, she felt it would be good for her to join us each Sunday and come to Church with us. She came last Sunday and she told us that she loved it. She also asked us what she needed to do to become a member of the Church. We will continue to teach her the missionary's lessons. Her plan is to be baptized in the middle of March.

We also have visited three less active member families. One of them is Brother Pai, whom is a returned missionary, and his non-member wife. We will continue to visit him and we will teach his wife. Brother Jeap is a member and his wife is not as well. Sister Seangsuwan and I have been visiting these families twice a month and will teach his wife as well as brother Bob. He asked us to help him remember.

We are in Buriram right now and it is quite a distance away from another branches that we visit. We have to travel 4 hours for the Leadership meeting. We also take 5 hours trip to Khonkan for our Missionary Zone Meetings. It seems to us that we have to take more trips to the conference for members and as well as missionary meetings. We have learned a lot about being great missionary. Our testimonies have been strengthened. Sister Seangsuwan tells me each day how much she loves the people and the service. We love this work and will continue to love it. We have talked to our mission President that we would apply for another mission and return back to Thailand in the future. We will see how that goes.

Sister Seangsuwan has another calling as the Assistant to the Family History Center Director. She will be helping members for the whole district with their geneology. It is new experience for her. She has been trained from the two Senior Sister Missionaries for this special calling. She seems to love it.

We been praying to find new people who been looking for the truthfulness of the gospel and we have been blessed to have found several families so far. It is truly a blessing to actively take part in the missions of the Church and we encourage everyone to take part in these blessings.

Have a Happy New Year and we love you all!


Sister and Elder Seangsuwan

Thailand Mission Photos

Preston and Tanner Saying Hello to Grandma and Grandpa

It was a great time at Ching Mai that all Seniors there, and would like to post their names as follows; Elder and Sister Oldham, Elder and Sister Cook, Elder and Sister Facer, Elder and Sister Gonzales, Elder and Sister Greenwood, Elder and Sister Hatch, Elder and Sister Jones, Elder and Sister Laing, Elder and Sister McPhie, Elder and Sister Sitivong, Elder and Sister Snow, Elder and Sister Wasson, Elder and Sister Jones, Elder and Sister Meakley

January 27, 2008 to Present

We have been assigned to work in the Udonthani District. We have been given assignments to teach new and less active members by using book "Preach my Gospel." We work with less active members and we take part in humanitarian service. We have also been teaching teens on drug and alcohol prevention and keeping the law of chastity and the word of wisdom.

Sister Seangsuwan and I have also been asked to help with the training of the church leaders in this area. We have been in Udon since Jan 27. and do not know how long we will be in this district, it is up to the Mission President. We love the people here and love working with the other missionaries.

We have contacted about 44 families which 7 families are being taught the discussions. Our Mission President asked me to preside and train the leaders in Udon district on March 8. He and his wife are very happy to have us working with the people in this area. We are really happy and enjoy our assignment. For the most part the Thai people in this area open the doors and let us in to teach there family members. They are humble and happy to see Senior Missionaries come to their homes.

Our testimony has grown due to our assignment of teaching the truth of the gospel of the Lord to His children. Our most memorable moment so far is when we introduced ourselves to them that we are from Utah and come to serve the Lord in Thailand, eventhough, we miss our children and grandkids. Serving and leaving family is such a small sacrifice for such a great purpose. It helps us understand more of the great work that we are doing. We work each day and love to serve. Sister Seangsuwan loves to study scripture more and more and is doing her best to learn how to teach the gospel. She still loves to talk alot and share her testimony. We should teach only 30 minutes, but she still goes on and on and the converstation ends up over one and half hour each family.

I told her not to worry about the family at home. When we work hard we know that the Lord will take care of them. So far, we love to serve the Lord in Thailand as well as eat the Thai food. Wednesday is our Preparation day. Sister Seangsuwan does alot of window shopping but does not buy anything. She just likes to look around and I love to follow her. In the evenings, we return back to Church to help young missionaries teaching ESL and we also are able to meet new people to teach. In class, the last 10 minutes, I was introduced as Guest Speaker to teach something that I have learn in the US and answer their questions.

We have had a great experience on our mission and love all of you! Thank you so much for your support! More comments and pictures to come.